April 8, 2018 Slip Transfer Demo by Jan Andreson

Members enjoyed the slip transfer techniques which were shared at our April 8, 2018 CCM meeting at Pottery 51.   It was especially good that members had a chance to try their hand at it, using slip trailers to draw images on newsprint and then transfer those slip images to slabs of clay.  

Photo 1:  Jan Anderson with one of her slip decorated pieces

Photo 2:  Missy Moss creating a slip dragonfly

Photo 3:  CCM Members hard at work creating their designs to transfer to their tiles.

Please download the instructions to the techniques demonstrated at the workshop.

Demo by Walter Aberson & Joyce Branch at March 18th Membership Meeting

Joyce Branch and Walter Aberson (in full costume) presented a demo of the pots they make for the Renaissance Festival.   In the photos Joyce is throwing a petticoat pitcher while Walter is joining two pieces to shape a tall pitcher.   Joyce also showed some of the laser printed decal work that she has done using techniques which Justin Rothshank demonstrated at our winter workshop.  Guild members were impressed with their production efficiency, fine pots and good humor.    

Mud at the Mill Reception - Sept 15, 2017

Carolina Clay Matters and the Cornelius Arts Center partnered up  to inspire creativity and nurture an appreciation of the tradition and expansion of ceramic arts during the month of September and October with a ceramic exhibit showcasing 30 ceramic artists.  Below are photos from the reception held Sept. 15th.  Photo 1: shows Jinny Hargrave, Photo 2: shows Marcia Makl and Photo 3: shows Sue Edwards, Hal Dedmond and Ralph Mellow.

October 27th, 2017

Hal Dedmund and Corine Guseman hosted a wood firing at their house this October.  Participants where able to use glazes and help load and fire the kiln.  It was a lot of work but fun was had by all.

September 10th, 2017

David Clark demonstrated making musical instruments from clay which he studied at Penland some years ago.

He shared the collection of instruments which he has made:  flutes, ocarinas, whistling water jar, 2 chambered whistle, bugle and drums !   He demonstrated making a flute and an ocarina.  

June 25th,  2017 
Mary Mason ran a small workshop where she demonstrated how she makes her critters.  She also demonstrated how she make her own hand tools.  Here are a couple of photos from the workshop

Clay Talk Event

October 28, 29 & Nov 1:  Firing a Ground Hog Kiln with Hal Dedmond and Corine Guseman

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Wood Firing Hal & Corine

Friday 10-28-16: Jan Anderson and Ann Prock glazing their pots