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July 9th
Carolina Clay Connections

Amy Irish Workshop

Amy Irish creates functional and decorative ceramics, inspired by the little things in the world around her. Her one-of-a-kind works are the result of a multi step process, using hand cut paper designs, layers of slip, underglazes and oxide washes. She takes a painterly approach, creating colorful underpaintings loaded with movement on the surface of her wheel thrown and many times altered pots.  She then adds hand cut paper cut outs that will act as a resist for layers of white or colored slip.   Amy’s pieces are designed, not only to be functional, but to be beautiful, joyful and evoke the senses.

Amy works from her home studio in Hillsborough, NC.  
We are so lucky to have Amy demonstrate her decorative process at Carolina Clay Connections. You can find more about Amy from her website or on instagram.

You can find more details about the workhop here.

Amy Irish Plate.jpg
Amy Irish Pitcher.jpg
Amy Irish Mug.jpg
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