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Membership Renewal Time

I know that during this past year it has been quite a challenge for us to experience all the great benefits that the  guild has to offer, but we were still able to provide several small virtual workshops, get together via zoom and provide our members an opportunity to to sell our work.  The guild is such a great place to connect with so many other potters and to learn from all of  their varied expertise from techniques to making work, decorating pieces and running a business.  I hope you all see what a great gem you have in this group and decide not only to renew your membership for another year, but to also let any of your potter friends who are not members to know about us.  You can join or renew your membership by clicking on the Join or Renew Your Membership today, fill out and submit the online form and send in your payment via PayPal or a check to Carolina Clay Matters Guild.  Please send your check to the treasurer.  

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