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About the Guild

Carolina Clay Matters, Inc. was established to create vehicles of communication among persons working in clay: to promote the interchange of ideas, aesthetics, and techniques through planned meetings, workshops, and social events; to encourage professionalism among the members; to involve the community and through education, expand their awareness of ceramic art.


Our guild is comprised of area ceramic artists with varied clay disciplines and skill levels. Our semi-annual pottery sale is gaining a quality reputation in Charlotte and it’s popularity is growing every year.


Meetings are held once a month and are always educational. Carolina Clay Matters, Inc. members volunteer to share ideas through mini-workshops, informal discussions, slide presentations and show and tell. We arrange several workshops throughout the year with well known national and local artists.

2024 marks the 30th anniversary of the Carolina Clay Matters Guild! Something we are all quite proud of. Check out Reflections of 30 Years: The History of Carolina Clay Matters written by our Historian, Sylvia Coppola.

Below are a couple of articles from when the guild was in its early years. The one to the left is from the Charlotte News 12/03/1981 and talk about the guild and an upcoming show and the one to the right is from the Charlotte Observer from 10/6/1999 promoting the CCM Guild Pottery Festival.  You get a little history of the guild in these articles as well.  Click on the articles to get full story.

Gild Newspaper Article_1981_edited_edited.jpg
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