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Public Arts Project

The “Barn” tile project came out of the idea to create a piece of art collectively, as a guild, to benefit a public space in Charlotte. We so often work in our own studios but the notion of collaborating on a public art project was intriguing. 36 members took the challenge!


The chosen theme was NC flora and fauna. Artists in the guild went to work, each creating one or two tiles to be combined in

a ‘quilt-like’ final structure.

We instantly communicated with Daniel Levine of Levine Properties as we have a 20+ year history of holding our bi-annual pottery festival on the grounds owned by Levine Properties.

Daniel Levine ultimately decided that the tiles would be best to adorn “the barn”.


We are thrilled the ceramic quilts have a permanent home and are available for all who come to the McAlpine Business Park to see and enjoy.

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