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Arias DeRienzo

Two Ships Pottery as a concept began when I encountered the same problem at nearly every coffee shop: my hot beverage was always served to me in a plain, boring coffee mug with some ridiculously small handle, making my drinking experience more of a dangerous balancing act than a pleasure.

As I pursued pottery lessons as a hobby, my impatience with those lackluster mugs only increased. In rebellion I began creating work that was not only practical, but also striking and unique. Pieces of art that served a function. And with that, a brand was born.

Now Two Ships Pottery offers Charlotte, North Carolina and the world an entire collection of beautifully unique, handcrafted pottery, jewelry, and ceramic art, one-of-a-kind work imbued with the following rebellious creed: Never settle for ordinary and #Don’tGiveTwoShips.

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