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Jan Stora

I have been an “artist” for as long as I can remember …..rolling tiny clay coils on my front porch at age 5, making rooms and furniture from cardboard boxes, learning to paint at Lynchburg Fine Arts Center in the fourth grade. Constantly creating…painting floor cloths, waters colors of my young children, wooden folk art and finally back to my love of clay from college days at Radford University. I love the feel of the wet clay and the sense of excitement each time the clay is ready to become what it wants to be on a given day. Then the decorating process begins….coils, balls, stamped, sgraffito, cutouts, then the bisque firing. Next comes layers of underglaze and glaze using very fine brushes with only a few hairs…the creative process on each piece is a labor of love. My spirit lives in each piece of pottery. Now that love is being passed on to my grandchildren as they learn to love “playing in the mud”.

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