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Content Creation Workshop
March 17, 2024 - 3:30pm

When: March 17th at 3:30PM

            (after a short member’s meeting at 3PM)

Where: Carolina Clay Connection


About this workshop:

This Workshop is meant to create content for the guild’s social media pages and for YOU - the guild members who might like help creating your own content!


There will be five stations set up for us to help you create content. We ask you to pick 1-3 stations; you’ll have about 10 minutes at each station. There will be a helper taking photos/ videos and hopefully another helper to clean and reset for the next person.


We ask that you think about what you want to do before coming in so we can use our time as efficiently as possible.


All of the video and photos taken will be posted to the Google Drive folder with your name so you will be able to access it.


Come prepared: Choose 1-3 stations below and bring what you’ll need for each!

Marissa Childers.jpg

Marissa Childers Workshop
February 11th
10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Carolina Clay Connections
908 N Polk St Pineville NC

  • Amy Irish Website
  • Instagram
Childers 1.jpg

Come learn how to hand build with Marissa Childers, one of NCECA’s 2023 Emerging Artists.


In this one-day workshop, our members will learn Marissa’s approach to constructing functional objects with textured slabs. Marissa will demonstrate how to use soft slabs to create various forms and discuss the importance of weaving a deeper meaning throughout the work using texture and pattern. Marissa will further explain the process of soda firing, mold making, and printing ceramic decals.

This is a POTLUCK lunch, so please bring a dish (with serving utensil) to share with the group, and bring your own mug or cup to use (it’s fun to show off and see everyone's pottery!). There will be breakfast items and coffee in the morning. Chairs and beverages will be provided.

Past Workshop Artists

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