CCM Pottery Festival

October 10, 2020 10am - 4pm
May 8, 2021 10am - 4pm
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Carolina Clay Matters, Inc. holds two pottery festivals each year, featuring work from over 50 of our talented members.  The shows are held the second Saturday in May and October at the McAlpine Business Park, 8300 Monroe Road, Charlotte, NC, rain or shine.  

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2019 Fall Show Potters

Debra Aase-Farnum
Booth 36
Nancy Addoson
Booth 41
Mila Antonyuk
Booth 22
Janet Balenski
Booth 11
Linda Belter
Booth 25
Dianne Bessette
Booth 32
Gwen Bowman
Booth 29
Renee Calder
Booth 37
Bonnie Caldwell
Booth 28
David Clarke
Booth 1
James Clements
Booth 17
Dorothy Cole
Booth 20
Sarah Coppola
Booth 51
Syliva Coppala
Booth 53
Shari Crouse
Booth 39
Jim Deason
Booth 31
Pam Dolin
Booth 54
Sue Edwards
Booth 23
Brenda Etzel
Booth 19
Patricia Gambino
Booth 2
Laurie Gersh
Booth 12
Vicki Gill
Booth 15
Dedmond /Guseman Booth 24
Travis Hall
Booth 42
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Our Wonderful Student Volunteers Fall 2018 Festival

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