CCM Video Library

Below is the selection of DVD's we have in our library.  You can scroll through the list or type in a name on the search bar to see if we have your selected title.


During this time when we are not physically meeting you can request to get your DVD by mail.  Dorothy will ship out DVD's once per month.  Shipping day will be the Wednesday or Thursday following the date of the guild meeting.  Meetings are usually held the third Sunday of the month.  You can check the calendar to verify meeting dates.  If you want a DVD contact Dorothy, let her know the title and your address.  She will get your DVD ready to ship.  You can order anytime.  It just wont go out except on specified shipping day.  Once you receive your package be sure to open it carefully, because you will be sending your DVD back in the same envelope or you can get another one like it at the Post Office. Be sure to save the included prepaid shipping label.  When you are ready to return the DVD put it back into the padded envelope and stick the label on the package making sure you completely cover the original label.  Then put in your mail box to deliver.

New Additions to the Library March 2021

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